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Car Defects/Product Liability

Car Defects/Product Liability

Accident Lawyers Investigating Accidents for Auto Defects or Failures

When you are involved in an auto accident, your chief concern should be your recovery, not the details of the accident and accident reconstruction. At the South Carolina law office of Lanier & Burroughs, we handle all other aspects of your case. Recognizing that many motor vehicle accidents are caused by auto defects, we use leading experts to investigate the crash, analyze the vehicle and vehicle parts, and determine if a defective auto part caused the accident, or contributed to the extent of the injuries.

Contact us for compassionate and experienced personal injury representation. We are committed to holding car companies, auto part manufacturers and others who make or sell dangerous motor vehicles and defective auto parts responsible for injuries and deaths resulting from their carelessness.

Nearly any part in a vehicle can be defective and cause damage. However, some of the more common auto defect cases involve:

  • Roof crush : When a vehicle's roof structure cannot withstand a crash, serious head and neck injuries can result. We investigate your rollover accident to determine whether your vehicle met crashworthiness standards and whether there were flaws in the roof design.
  • Fuel Fed fires : Tearing in fuel lines, defects in welded seams in the gas tank, and punctured fuel tanks are only some of the fuel tank defects that contribute to fuel fed fires. If a loved one died in an accident involving a car fire or explosion, we investigate the cause of the fire.
  • Rollovers : SUV rollovers and van rollovers are becoming more common in the United States. We investigate rollover accidents to determine if tire defects, vehicle design, or other defects caused the vehicle to rollover.
  • Tire defects : When a client believes an accident was caused due to a tire blowout, we use experts to determine if there were defects in the tires, such as tread separation, which actually caused the accident.
  • Seatbelt failures : When a seatbelt doesn't work properly in a crash, drivers and passengers can be thrown from the car or injured by the seat belt itself. Ineffective seatbelts often contribute to the severity of the injuries which result from a crash. We investigate to learn if the seatbelt came unlatched (inertial unlatching) or if the crushed roof caused slack in the seatbelt causing ejection.
  • Airbag failures : Airbags are designed to prevent serious head and facial injuries in a crash. When an airbag fails to deploy in a car collision, the driver or passengers can suffer head trauma that is far more severe than if the airbag successfully deployed. Our experts analyze the airbag to determine if there were flaws which caused it to fail.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident due to a defect or other product, trust in the lawyers at our firm to obtain the answers you need and the compensation you deserve. Contact our accident lawyers today.

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