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On The Job Injuries

On The Job Injuries

Lanier & Burroughs - South Carolina Work Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered an injury on the job that prevents you from working, contact the job injury accident attorneys at Lanier & Burroughs. Our experience with on-the-job injuries of all kinds can help you collect the compensation you need to meet your family's expenses while you complete your physical recovery.

In South Carolina, employees injured at work can file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. This process is intended to be faster and more streamlined than a civil lawsuit, and can result in payments for lost income and medical expenses without the need to prove that anyone was at fault. If you run into any problems with your workers' comp claim, our attorneys can help you prove any disputed issues, such as your status as an employee, the nature or severity of your injury, or whether you have recovered enough to go back to work.

While we're taking care of your workers' compensation claim, we'll also examine your case to see whether you might recover damages for personal injuries through a civil lawsuit. You can't sue your own employer, but you can sue negligent property owners , manufacturers of dangerous or defective tools or equipment , or careless drivers responsible for motor vehicle accidents while you're working.

Our South Carolina attorneys can help you in situations regarding industrial accidents and injuries, such as:

  • Forklift accidents in warehouses
  • Chemical or radiation exposure in factories or plants
  • Injuries to your back, shoulders, or wrists caused by repetitive use or stress trauma on the job
  • Severe injuries caused by fires, explosions, or electrocution
  • Traumatic brain injury, closed head wounds, or spinal cord damage caused by falls from roofs, aerial lifts, ladders, or scaffolds

Our work injury lawyers know how to help people who work hard for a living and get hurt on the job for their effort. We work with Spanish translators to serve clients from Mexico or elsewhere in Latin America. For more information about our ability to represent you, contact the South Carolina workers' compensation and personal injury attorneys at Lanier & Burroughs.

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